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No matter if you are new to the sport of bow hunting or have been bow hunting for years, we can help you find the perfect bow.


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"Now then, please
take your gear, your quiver and your bow,
and go out to the
field and hunt
game for me."
Genesis 27:3







Welcome to Holm-Made Traditional bows.  More and more

people are turning to traditional archery these days.  People do it for different reasons. Many want to simplify their equipment and/or to add challenge and meaning to the hunt.  Others shoot stick bows for nostalgic reasons.  Whatever your reason it is important to choose the right bow for you.  Working with a bowyer to create a bow that is a good fit and pleasing to you is the first step. 

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I started building bows 14 years ago to “extend my season”.  I have built several forms and tried many different bow designs.  I have always wanted to find that perfect hunting bow.  There are many things that come into play when designing a bow; speed, quietness, forgiving, smoothness of draw, hand shock and visual appeal. 

I will work with a customer to build a bow that is a good fit for them.  There are many different things I can do with the grip/riser section to create the right “feel”.  Please look through the pictures and let me know what you like.  I build all bows from start to finish.  Everything is done in house and hand crafted by me.  Materials are selected for their beauty and function.


Customer satisfaction is my number one priority.  I will not send a bow out to a customer if I am not completely satisfied with it.  If the customer doesn’t feel the same they can contact me within one week and I will make it right.  My integrity is far more important to me than any bow sale.  I will also include a written warranty for two years against workmanship and/or materials. 

Please call or email me with questions. 

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